A semi-automatic filling and capping machine with an electronic control filling RTM

  • Manual loading of the bottle by an operator, automatic on request.
  • A kit of 34 containers (commonly called “pucks “ or “godet”) adjustable for the bottles that carry these to the various filling and closing stages.
  • Electronic controls to verify the presence of the bottle, the cap, and the eventual under-cap.
  • Filling group consisting of 4/6 solid dispensers (according to the model) assembled on fitting clamps.
  • Lobe supplier pump for liquids / creams with 3 inverter programmable speeds with variable acceleration and deceleration.
  • A time management control panel for needle opening and their movement.
  • Manual cap loading by an operator. Possibility of inserting an automatic supplier.
  • Closure head with adjustable magnetic clutch for screwcaps.
  • PLC, steel electric panel,machinery with a touch screen control panel, possibility of memorizing up to 50 dosage programs.
  • Bottle unload with a double system of pick and place for bottle extraction from the puck.
  • Unloading conveyor.


  • News

    Comas has designed a new automatic filling and capping line for nasal sprays. Comas has designed and supplied a fully automatic filling and capping machine for nasal sprays with a capacity of 110 bottles / min. To ensure high productivity and save space at the production site, this line performs filling and all capping stages of two bottles at once in one step. The system is equipped with the function “no bottle - no filling”, which prevents the product from being dispensed outside the bottle. The line is complete with sensors to monitor the filling level of the nasal vials, installation of the dip-tube and appropriate closure.
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